Thesis App Design… and she will be, the KetoGenie!

I have been thinking and brainstorming name ideas after we had decided that the name “myketowellness” or “mykeytowellness” was too long.

Through my research on the topic, and why many people choose to partake in this diet, I found that a large percentage were doing it to lose a substantial amount of weight, and to save their health from the debilitating effects of diabetes.

This is what I wanted to focus on, as this diet and eventually this app would be able to help so many people reach a healthier weight, and overall a more active and conscious lifestyle.

The ketogenic diet has been quite a hot topic on different forums like reddit and instagram, and almost all instagram usage is from a mobile device, while many will also reddit from a phone app. Why not use this platform to create a tool that would help these people reach their goals, and make their diet and tracking a bit easier!

KetoGenie I felt was a great name to emcompass all that I want to achieve with this app design. It’s recognizable, easily searchable in an app store with the first part of the name containing “keto,” and I want this app to work magically, much like a genie, to make their wishes come true.

Stay tuned for some logo work and app design..


And if you missed it, this is where I left off at the end of December.