Design Direction

Decided Direction: In depth tracking & diet app

  • meal tracking (and food database)
  • goals (customizable) to optimize weight loss/gain (not every keto-er is doing this for weight loss)
  • exercise tracking & step counting
  • sleep tracking
  • connected to an online forum (you have a profile from signing up to
  • use the app)
  • recipes
  • victories! (sv) (nsv) (f2f) (progresspics) (success stories)
  • information

Online website presence, but somewhat limited

  • similar to instagram online vs. mobile
  • forum fully built out, more limited on mobile

Branding for app/site/company

  • logo and stationery
  • complete icon set
  • colour palette
  • assets: photography needed, fonts (for web), domain & hosting

Other considerations

  • software: learning invision & sketch
  • user testing
  • costs? can it be done for free or relatively cheap

Just a few other things to keep in mind…